Privacy Policy

I. Concepts:

II. General provisions

III. Collection and storage of personal data

IV. Purposes of personal data processing

RAIBEC process Personal Data for the following purposes:

All personal data collected for direct marketing and other purposes comply with the provisions of the Law and General Requirements. When administering the Website and diagnosing possible problems, the Website Administrator may use Users’ and/or users’ IP addresses. The User and/or the User can withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email to the Website administrator info{et}

V. Accounts

RAIBEC Accounts are links on certain web pages that may contain the same information as the Site, as RAIBEC is the operator of both the Site and the Accounts. Users of Website Accounts are subject to the Privacy Policy and rules of the website where the RAIBEC Account is located, as well as this Privacy Policy and other applicable rules published by RAIBEC on the Website.

VI. Provision of personal data

RAIBEC informs that it does not transfer Personal Data to third parties in the Republic of Lithuania, European Union countries, and other foreign countries, either for compensation or free of charge, or in any other way, except for the cases specified below:

  1. if there is consent from the User and/or the User;
  2. when providing the Services offered on the Website – to Partners or authorized third parties who process Personal Data on behalf of RAIBEC for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, such as making payments, ordering Services, etc.;
  3. to law enforcement institutions in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

VII. Correction, addition, and deletion of personal data

VIII. Protection of personal data

RAIBEC ensures that the personal data provided by the User on the Website is protected against any illegal actions: illegal alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data, identity theft, fraud, and the level of personal data protection meets the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and European Union.

Personal data is protected against loss, unauthorized use, and changes. The room where the collected data is stored is physically protected from access by unauthorized persons. The website’s database protecting user data is protected from unauthorized access through computer networks.

IX. Final Provisions

This Privacy Policy is valid from 2016. December 15th. Users will be informed about any changes to the Privacy Policy on the Website or by e-mail.

Last revision of Privacy Policy: 2024-01-02.

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