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Our clients always know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it

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We see faster progress when professionals and our clients work together


Every business that wants to increase sales faces challenges. As an entrepreneur, I’m also familiar with this experience. It’s especially painful to see how limited budgets are spent on advertising that doesn’t produce the desired results. Sometimes, the investment in advertising or customer acquisition is greater than the return. Where are the benefits of advertising at all? On the other hand, it’s as if we have no choice. After all, additional sales are needed for businesses to grow and thrive.

Situations where it’s not possible to measure the benefits of advertising annoy me. I remember when, in 2004, a manager selling advertising in the press assured me that advertising never pays off. It is simply an expense that’s necessary to “get to know you”. I’ll never agree with that. After all, becoming famous is not the most important thing! No, we advertise so that we can sell our products and services, earn money, and develop our businesses. Helping businesses to create advertising that delivers clearly measurable value and profits is what drives me and my team.

While looking for new forms of advertising and solutions in 2005, we discovered Google Ads search advertising. Thus began our journey towards measurable value marketing. We quickly realized that this is the future and we have a valuable tool that can help other businesses to grow.

In 2007, we discovered that there’s much more to success than simply attracting the user to the website. What’s next? How to guide them towards completing a purchase? These questions brought us to Urchin Analytics. These days it’s Google Analytics.

In 2010, we started working with flight ticket advertising campaigns on Google search and looking for solutions to improve the effectiveness of advertising. We realized that advertising must be personalized and more in line with consumer expectations. It was clear that we wouldn’t be able to create and maintain hundreds of thousands of personalized advertisements manually and we had to find a new way of working.

We launched our first automated advertising campaigns on the Google Ads network, which increased flight ticket sales by 33%

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